Soarele și Luna

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Pasha Parfeni

The Universe wants you to succeed! When you really desire something, something that is good for you, all the energies allign to help you rech your goal. And there is nothing more inspiring than the feeling that you are not alone on the path of your life!

Eurovision 2023

The story

The story described in the lyrics of the song “Soarele și Luna” is influenced by the Moldovan folktales and legends where the Sun and the Moon bless love and assist the eternal union of two loving hearts. Earth and sky, woods and fields, rivers and shores, fantastic beasts and spirits pervade this fairy tale, so its world becomes a blend of natural and supernatural, where human beings and mythological creatures interact harmoniously.


Lyrics for Pasha Parfeni’s song wrote Yuliana Scutaru, his spouse. The interesting fact is that their wedding back in time had a romantic theme, and was called “The Wedding Under the Starry Sky”. Perhaps, the story of “Soarele și Luna” resonates on a deeper level for Pasha and Yuliana, or maybe some iconic details of it have sentimental value for both of them.

“…I-am promis miresei mele /I promised my bride/

Nunta sub un cer cu stele… /A wedding under a starry sky/”

On the 4th of March 2023, according to the results of the total points of the juries’ unanimous decision and televoting, Pasha Parfeni won the Final of the National Selection for Eurovision. It is the second time Pasha will represent the Republic of Moldova as a soloist at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Questions & Answers:

It’s definitely different from my first experience in ESC, but it’s also inspiring. If you’ve ever tried an extreme sport like skydiving, you’ll understand what I mean. You’re so thrilled before the first jump, you have no idea what it’s like, but the second attempt is completely different. You already know what, how and when will happen. You are much more prepared for it since you know what to anticipate. It’s a lot more responsible, but I am back because I love it!

I enjoy every step of my journey, beginning with the first. Of course, my musical tastes evolve throughout time, changing and growing alongside me. So, now I provide music to the audience that accurately expresses my current inner condition.

Yes, we had a brief conversation at the Madrid Eurovision pre-party, and also in London. Now, when we were placed one after another in the first semifinal we had more opportunities to chat in the backstage and it was lovely!

The coincidence is absolutely amazing! I believe she also brought her past experience at the ESC, but talking about victory – you know, I don’t practice thinking about someone else’s victory at all. 🙂

Blanca Paloma’s song “Eaea” from Spain is one of my favorites. I can feel the energy Blanca puts forth even though I have no idea what the song is about. I enjoy it because it has an otherworldly and also very feminine quality.

My song is about love, but not just a human one. It’s about a cosmic one, as the couple is blessed by the celestial symbols – the Sun and the Moon. Mother Nature is receiving my hero’s joy at discovering the love of his life. And he’s overjoyed about the impending wedding, where the Sun and Moon will hold the wedding crown for the newlyweds. This song is about how everything in the Universe aligns, when you make the proper choice.

The message, the ambiance, and the character in my show are all fantastic.  The girls with horns represent two wood fairies who protect and care for love.

Just remember how we believed in magic and wished we could have a superpower like the ability to see into the future, to become invisible or to fly when we were kids. Now, as grown ups, we take a lot of things too seriously. Back in time, we didn’t invoke any paganism because magic exists within each of us. Everything is based on magical thinking.  Magical thinking is generally something that many contemporary adults are aware of. It aids in developing new conceptual frameworks for comprehending the world and improving your own safety or suitability in it.  It occasionally even aids in overcoming challenging life circumstances.

Despite the fact that we have a similar character in Moldovan mythology, the flute guy, as well as the rest of the characters, are entirely unique in my song “Soarele şi Luna”. In my story, he represents my alter ego, which is typically buried inside and cannot always be manifested. But this time, I’m wiser, I’ve figured out how to control it, and I’m prepared to share it with the rest of the world.

My dears, I want to inspire you to pray for peace and to love nature. Love for nature is a vital aspect of human character, without which its peaceful and flourishing life on Earth among the vast number of living organisms would be impossible. Live each day on Earth to the fullest. Eurovision is a celebration of the union of millions of hearts through music, therefore I hope you completely enjoy this enchantment of fun and cool emotions.